Are you energy wise?

Reducing your environmental impact isn’t just necessary to enable Britain to meet its climate targets in the longer term, it can bring more immediate benefits to your business.

The rise in gas and electricity prices over the last 12 months has already caused difficulties for a wide range of businesses. For example, the shutting of two fertiliser plants due to high running costs exacerbated the shortage of CO2, with knock-on effects for the food and drinks industry,

Investing in on-site renewable generation or battery storage could help lessen your exposure to peak energy prices and reduce your running costs in the long run.

The case for a greener business is compelling. But how do you put your ambitions into action? Here are a few ways businesses can reduce their environmental impact and support Britain’s transition to net zero:

Buy from a genuinely green energy supplier or generate power on site

Britain will need a higher number of renewable generators to meet increased electricity demand. Investing in on-site renewable generation can help make your business more self-sufficient and you could even receive payments for exporting energy to the grid.

If you’re unable to generate renewable electricity on-site, you can still support the development of renewable energy by switching to a genuinely green energy supplier.

Cutting emissions from energy use doesn’t just mean switching to renewable sources – it means reducing your demand for energy in the first place.

Heating and hot water make up a significant proportion of business energy usage – as much as 60% for businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector. Explore solutions such as switching to heat pumps, installing solar thermal, insulation and smarter heating controls to become more efficient.

As business owners we can all do that little bit more to reduce our carbon footprint and help the UK to become a carbon free society and protect our planet for future generations.

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