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Flex Pricing splits your electricity bill into two distinct areas so you can make significant cost savings

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For those spending over £250k per year on their electricity

Flex Pricing allows businesses to take advantage of price fluctuations over the lifetime of the contract. Significant cost savings can be made by making purchases when the wholesale price is favourable.

How it works

Flex Pricing splits your electricity bill into two distinct areas: commodity costs and non-commodity costs.

Non-commodity costs are known as pass through charges such as:

TNUoS which means Transmission Network Use of System

BSUoS which means Balancing Services Use of System

RO which means Renewable Obligation – electricity suppliers to source an increasing proportion of the electricity they supply from renewable sources

FiTs Charges which means Feed in Tariff charges

The suppliers of commercial electricity put a lot of margin (for profit) into the non-commodity costs on fixed term contracts. These costs can be managed down more effectively when priced separately on an Energy Flex price contract

Solution Benefits:

  • Potential to make significant cost savings
  • Energy purchased when the wholesale price is favourable
  • Not dictated to by the market
  • Non-commodity costs are stripped back
  • Purchasing decisions are recommended based on informed market intelligence

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