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At Switched on Solutions we believe that we should all be contributing to reducing the amount of carbon used to generate our electricity.  That is why we have launched our ethical green energy product called Ethical Energy.

For too long the UK has used fossil fuels to produce the electricity that we consume every day, It’s now time that all businesses start to switch to a non-carbon produced energy supply and stop contributing to pollution and global warming.

We believe the UK can be powered purely by renewables. That’s why we have sourced our electricity from certified renewable producers who buy their electricity from generators such as solar, wind, hydro and biofuel. Our green energy product is 100% renewable electricity from over 1,600 independent generators – from local farms to sustainable businesses that generate their own power and sell the excess.

Making sure your business’s energy is as low impact as possible should be an essential part of your sustainability strategy.

Switching to 100% renewable electricity is one of the most significant things you can do to help fight climate change and reduce pollution. Why not do it today?

Making sure the energy impact of your business on the environment is as low as possible should be an essential part of your sustainability strategy. Make that commitment today and join the growing number of businesses who have implemented a strategy to only buy Ethical Energy produced from a renewable source.

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