COP26 is it all Hot Air?

Cop26 has started with a promise to plant more trees by 2030 reversing the destruction of the world’s rainforests, we will wait and see if the leaders of nations do more to reverse climate change or will it be just all talk and hot air, literally hot air which is continuing to damage our environment by the increase of CO2.

So apparently our leaders are doing their bit to combat climate change, but as business owners what are we doing? We can all do that little bit more. Don’t wait for the world leaders to make changes which take effect sometime in the future, we as business leaders can make those changes now.

What can you do now? Here are 4 things that you can start with.

  • Change your energy supply to 100% renewable generation
  • Invest in new heating technologies such as infrared heating, ground, and air source heating
  • Replace old and inefficient air conditioning systems
  • Monitor how you are using energy and make plans to reduce your energy consumption

Contact us at Switched On Solutions for further help and advice, don’t wait for world leaders to make a difference to climate change, we can all do that little bit more to reduce our own carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference.

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