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Cyber Crime – Know how to become as secure as possible!

Knowing the most common causes of data breach enables you to plan your defence.

The top causes are:

  • cyber attack
  • vulnerabilities in the system
  • internal error

Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks take many forms and can be exceedingly clever.  At the end of the day, if a criminal wants something badly enough, they’ll find a way.  But most of the time, if you make it hard, they’ll go somewhere easier instead.

Things you definitely CAN control are your vulnerability, and the risk of internal error.

Vulnerabilities in your system

These are usually avoidable by having the latest updates and patches to all your operating systems and software, and by using protection software and techniques, such as anti-virus and firewalls.

Constantly updating everything can be a drain on time and resources, but there are ways to automate this process.

As far as anti-virus and other protection software, give us a call if you’d like to discuss how we’d suggest covering your internet security.

Internal Error

By this we mean human error – a staff member clicking on an unsafe link, or responding to a phishing email that looks as if it’s come from you, the boss, perhaps?

This risk is best combated by training your staff really well.  And then keep on training them, so that cyber security is always in the front of their minds.

Again, there are a number of ways to go about doing this. if you’d like some pointers – our IT partner will be happy to help you find the solution that fits your needs the best.

This blog was written by our IT partner Datamills Ltd. For more information on how they can help please get in touch at info@sosg.co.uk

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