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Global Warming, What are you doing to reduce your carbon Footprint?

Our impact on our environment is not diminishing, in fact the evidence of global warming is now clear to see. Wildfires caused by extreme heat are now common across Europe, Asia, America and even in Russian Siberia. Intense rainfall causing devastating floods, Ice sheets melting at increasing rates at both north and south poles, Glaciers retreating. It seems like this is now irreversible, but what can we do to help stop this acceleration of devastation?

We can all do just a little more than we are doing now.

One of the major contributors of CO2 emissions in the UK is the generation of electricity from carbon in the form of Gas, Oil, and Coal and is continuing to contribute to global warming.

By switching from electricity generated from Carbon to electricity generated by a pure and certified carbon free source will help reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your environmental credentials.

Our Ethical Energy product is 100% electricity generated from Solar, Wind, Hydro, and all users of our energy receive a framed certificate for you to display in your reception.

More recently, some of the world’s biggest carbon emitters, such as the conventional energy companies, have attempted to rebrand themselves as champions of the environment. But their energy is not 100% green, they are still selling energy produced by Carbon, so by contracting with these energy companies’ organisation are inadvertently adding CO2 into the environment.

What can you do? Can you do that little bit more?  By using certified 100% green energy you can contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and help reduce the amount of CO2 pumped into our atmosphere.

Please contact me now and join our clients who are doing that little bit more, as the advert says, “every little helps”.

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