Manage your energy costs!

It is more important now with lock down continuing to affect the hospitality sector it is important for those business owners to take steps to manage their energy cost.

A first step would be to ensure that they are not being billed on estimated usage. If you have a smart meter installed this should not be a problem as you should be being billed for what you are using. However, if you do not have a smart meter the energy companies will be continuing to estimate your usage based upon historical usage and you will be paying for energy that you have not used. Take a meter reading as soon as possible and log onto your account and post an up to date reading.

A second step would be to ensure that the heating of your building is on at the right level. If you have not adjusted it to ensure that it maintains a temperature which would prevent damage but not waste energy whilst in lock down, do this immediately.

Lighting, are there any lights which come on automatically that you could temporarily switch off? Have you check to ensure that lights have not inadvertently been left on. Other than freezers and chiller units have all other electrical equipment be turned off and unplugged? That includes computers and screens.

Little actions can add up to substantial savings.

Keep safe.

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