Lets make 2021 different to last year.

I think that we can all agree that 2020 was a very challenging year. For some, families lost love ones before their time, others have endured a long road to recovery from Covid 19. Business have suffered especially in the hospitality sector. People have lost their jobs and are now struggling financially.

Like many other businesses we were hit hard but managed to survive with the help of our business friends in BNI who gathered around each other to offer support. So as a group we did not lose a single business, a testament to businesses working together.

Over the Christmas break I though what would be a good philosophy for 2021. I’m not into making new year resolutions but intend to approach this coming year with a new attitude that impacts on my life and the others around me more positively. So here is my mantra for this coming year.

  • Live with Intention
  • Walk to the Edge
  • Listen Hard
  • Practice Wellness
  • Play with abandon
  • Laugh
  • Choose with No Regret
  • Continue to Learn
  • Appreciate Your Friends
  • Do what you Love
  • Live as If This Is All There Is

Keep positive, keep safe, take the vaccine if its offered and lets beat Covid 19 together this year and build a better future together for us all.


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