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Why should you consider Private Yoga classes?

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. But not many of us find this particularly easy – we may already be going to the gym, and joining in group classes, but are you seeing any benefits yet?

Why keep struggling on your own in a yoga class when you can have your own qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher in your corner. With a Private Yoga class, all the focus is on you, in a friendly, and non-judgemental environment. There will be no diet plans, or cheat sheets here – quite simply, you will get out what you put in. And you will complete your first session already starting to feel better in yourself! With Frananda Yoga in your corner, you will be achieving your goals in no time, whether that’s working towards your headstand, or simply making time to relax and destress in your day-to-day life.

Having a Yoga teacher’s full attention means that you will be able to practise Yoga safely and under their careful guidance, leading to reduced injury risk, and getting the most out of your practice safely. Injury is a common reason for goal setbacks in Yoga, and this is mostly in part due to yogis pushing themselves. If you keep setting goals that you find you are unable to meet due to injury, working with a Yoga teacher one to one can help you to understand and learn to adapt your movements safely and effectively.

At Frananda Yoga, if you decide to make a commitment to your health and vitality, you will benefit from a FREE 30 minute wellness profile consultation, to help better understand your needs and goals. From this, your own personal yoga sessions will be tailored using our 10 years+ experience in lesson planning and execution.

Private one-to-one sessions are on everyone’s dream list when it comes to prioritising your health, but the common misconception is that it is expensive. You can benefit from quality yoga packages from prices working out at less than £3.30 a day (the same price as the average large coffee!) You can also be as flexible as you like (excuse the pun!) with minimum commitment starting from as little as one session to six months and beyond!

So why not make 2021 the year you dedicate yourself to your wellbeing and health needs. If you’re interested in learning more, why not visit our website and download the brochure at https://www.franandayoga.com/private-classes or drop an email to yogawfran@gmail.com.

Currently, sessions will be taking place online until government guidelines are relaxed.

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